How To Wear Dungarees: Three styles

How-to-wear-dungarees (4)

Hello dear people!

Today’s post is about how to wear dungarees in three completely different outfits. Again, I made those in Polyvore, not like my dear mother thinks I downloaded them online because they look too professional! 😀

Anyhow, I’m not fully responsible for “the professional touch”, as the site itself is designed pretty good. If you’re not familiar with Polyvore, you can also create outfit yourself, just click on “Create” button in upper right corner. Maybe you’ll like it!

Ok, to keep it short – check out the outfits and let me know which one do you prefer?

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OOTD: Denim jacket+Dress+Adidas Superstar

andrea-zatezalo-adidas-superstar (1)

Hello you all!  Today was a bit casual for me as I decided to wear sneakers this time. I combined them with this beautiful dress – which I wore only once at the wedding. Thing I don’t like about dresses: wear them once, put them on Facebook and you can’t wear them anytime soon because you’ve been seen. And I really love this one! Ahh…But maybe it’s just me… 🙂

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Coachella 2016 Inspired: “What To Wear To A Festival?”


Hello, hello! This week we have Coachella 2016 inspired outfits. Coachella ended last week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it for some style inspiration! Especially with all those festivals getting closer! 😉 Soo, if you ever wondered what to wear to a festival, take a look and let me know which outfit do like the most!

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OOTD: White Lace Top and Red Midi Skirt


Hello dear all! Weekend is here, and therefore a new outfit post! Hope you share my excitement. 🙂 I was planning to prepare a more casual/sneakers outfit for today, but plans and I just don’t get along in this story. Every time I create an “outfit image” in my head – a week in advance – when it comes the day for shooting, all of a sudden I have a whole different idea in my mind.  Same happened with this outfit also, which – I must admit – is my favourite so far! It totally defines my style and the way I feel. And of course, it’s a perfect solution for spring!

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Our first blog interview!


izvor slike: ŠibenikIn

Dear all! In the picture down below, you may see a student’s paper – a great project of two young students Josip Kuštera and Ivan Perkov. This paper will be part of every platter in student’s canteen and reason why I’m writting this post is because I’m the part of the content too! 🙂 Our first blog interview! Yeey!

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OOTD: Floral print T-shirt and Jeans


Hello dear everybody!  As you can see, my style here is pretty simple and basic. But I would dare to say  – effective. (Where do I get that confidence?) The point is to create “nice looking” outfit from pieces you all probably have in your closet and combine them the right way!  Floral print t-shirt and jeans spiced up with a little bit of red. This poncho is handmade version and it’s super thin so we can let it sneak in the “spring style”.

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2016 Favourites

Hello dear everybody! Here is a little something to keep you busy until this weekend and new outfit post! 🙂 These are some fashion items you’ve probably had a chance to see a lot lately which I personally love! 

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