White Off-Shoulder Boho Dress


Hello dear all! I’m super, super excited today because of my first outfit post! I feel like a teenage girl again! The weather was just perfect, Marin had patience taking these photos and everything went as I planned. Photos are taken with my iPhone 6s and after editing the quality was not as I expected to be. However, I’ll have to manage with this until someone recognizes me. :PP


I went in my mother’s closet for this beautiful dress. She is the most fashionable mom ever and you’ll definitely see a lot of her clothes here. Mom, be prepared!

You may notice that the colors of shoes and bag don’t really match. I am not a big fan of “bag must be the same color as shoes”. It doesn’t have to be. This way is more fun!


Dress: Boohoo ♥ Bag: Boohoo ♥ Shoes: Mango ♥ Sunglasses: Unknown

Thank you again for reading,

Love, Andrea ♥


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