3 Spring Styles


Hello dear all! Today was an inspirational day for me so I played in Polyvore a little and created those beautiful outfits you may find inspiring also! It’s definitly something I would wear!

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White Off-Shoulder Boho Dress


Hello dear all! I’m super, super excited today because of my first outfit post! I feel like a teenage girl again! The weather was just perfect, Marin had patience taking these photos and everything went as I planned. Photos are taken with my iPhone 6s and after editing the quality was not as I expected to be. However, I’ll have to manage with this until someone recognizes me. :PP

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It’s important to start!


Hello my dear readers, all 8 of you at this point! Woo-hoo!

When I first announced I’m starting a lifestyle blog, my uncle asked me: “Ok, what makes you an expert?”. He likes to ask provocative questions, :)). At first, I didn’t know what to answer, especially because I was far from being „an expert“! So I quickly replied that everybody is doing everything nowadays, and you don’t have to be an expert for blogging. Beginner mode, of course!

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